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Electronic Von Frey Anesthesiometer Probe & Rigid Tips

Electronic Von Frey Anesthesiometer Probe & Rigid Tips


Assessing mechanical allodynia with 15 SuperTips

The original Electronic von Frey is used to assess mechanical allodynia with rigid tips (threshold) and the “Supertips™” (flexible von Frey hairs) are used for sensory tests on all test subjects.

The 2390 series enables researchers to plug up to 3 probes into a single unit. Multiple users can use one single unit for multiple studies.

Our system is the first system introduced to the market over 10 years ago which finally allows researchers the ability to test and automatically record pain threshold values in a clean, accurate easy-to-use compact system.

The systems are supplied with either a 90, 800 or 1000 gram probe. Probe type is determined by test subject.

When studies call for pain threshold, rigid tips are used when measuring sensory threshold one of the 15 Supertips™ are used. The IITC hairs are unique in design - each hair has a uniform tip of .8mm in diameter, eliminating the possibility of false readings that may occur due to the varying hair thickness when applied to test subject.

The systems will allow you to measure, store and display your test readings in grams based upon the amount of pressure applied. Manually calculating results is no longer required with the IITC system.

Testing is simple, choose one of the supplied tips place on probe tip; apply pressure probe to test subject, upon reaction the unit will display and store your reading in grams, an easy, quick test system for all pain studies.

An internal load cell is attached to the small tip, this is the central element in the system; which connected to the electronic system allows you digitally record your test results.

MRI Probe available
Plug up to 3 probes into a single unit
LCD Readout (Floating or last max. & minimum)
Rigid tips up to 800 Gr.
“Supertips™” 15 up to 65 Gr.
1K probe available
Microprocessor Electronics 0.1 Gr Plug-in probes
Independence from Hygroscopy
Independence from temperature
Optional analog output cable
Pipette tips can be customized to any specification
Hygroscopy is no longer an issue.

2390 Electronic von Frey Anesthesiometer, 90 gram probe, rigid tips

2391 Electronic von Frey Anesthesiometer, 800 gram probe, rigid tips


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